Inventory Allocation


Inventory Allocation app is built to enable Inventory planners to leverage AI and make the right decisions driving Higher Sales, Lower Markdowns, Profitability or other goals of the Company. The app is built on the foundation of ExpeditAI and leverages the foundational apps master data and forecast

The app user interface is designed to take into consideration the interaction between the merchandize planner / store allocator and the AI engine. It was specifically built to enhance the adoption by the planners.

The app helps in leveraging multiple inputs along with forecast to arrive at the right inventory allocation optimized by objectives laid by merchandize planner / store allocator. The merchandize planner / store allocator can interact with AI engine to simulate scenarios based on the objectives.

  • Automated allocation
  • Continuous Self-learning from the revised decisions of the Planners
  • KPI driven business decisions

The allocation can be done at any level of product, customer, store based on the app configuration. The AI model can be configured based on Clients needs for different scenarios like allocation at item, store, customer by Category etc.

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