About Tailwyndz

Tailwyndz is focused on developing AI enabled solutions, to provide the tailwind for growth and profitability, for Retailers, Consumer Product organization and manufacturing. It helps in adoption of AI & ML to drive business decision through ContextualAI solution leveraging our ExpeditAI platform. Tailwyndz is founded by Kapil Khanduja, CEO and Balaji Rasappa CTO / CPO. The team at Tailwyndz is comprised of industry experts, data engineers, developers, model developers and technical ML platform.

Meet Our Leaders


Kapil Khanduja

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Kapil is an accomplished leader having a deep background in Data, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. He has spent 20+ years in the Retail, Consumer, Logistics & Manufacturing space. He leverages his understanding of the clients and the industry to closely work with product and R&D teams to develop the platforms and solutions that will drive the success of his customer’s business.

Prior to his entrepreneurship journey, he was Associate Vice President and Head of Artificial Intelligence, Automation & Analytics at Infosys.

He is an MBA from Indian Institute of management Calcutta India and Prior to Infosys he has been part of successful startups in the area of Data and Analytics. In his 25+ years of Global experience, Kapil has experience in driving the Strategy for growth of Startups, Implemented the strategy including driving sales and ensuring the successful implementation of the software platforms with the client.


Balaji Rasappa

Founder & Chief Technology & Product Officer

Balaji is an accomplished technology innovator having deep expertise in AI, machine learning, Big Data, Data Science, cognitive automation, cloud and Enterprise Architecture. His core competency lies in building technical platform leveraging open source, & deep expertise in Product Management. He has built platforms for category management, B2B trade data collection and AI & cognitive automation in the past.

Prior to his entrepreneurship journey, he was Associate Vice President at Infosys, based in US managing the products and customer success of the AI platform implementation.

Balaji has a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, and an MBA. Prior to Infosys, he worked in delivering large scale BI and analytics projects for CPG companies. In his 25+ years of experience, Balaji has led multiple strategic initiatives that created products & solutions for large enterprise customers.

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