Master Data Attribution & Harmonization Application


Master Data Attribution & Harmonization is foundational app built leveraging our ExpeditAI platform to enable building datasets that can be combined for use by other apps as well as Data Scientists within the Client Organization.

The key features of the Master Data App are the focus on Automated filling of core attributes and enhancement of analytical oriented data attributes by applying AI, Machine learning and deep learning.

The Data attributions can be derived based on various data sets. Few scenarios are

  • Populating product attributes/characteristics based on product descriptions and other product attributesPopulating product attributes. characteristics based on descriptions
  • Filling in customer/consumer attributes based on Name, Geography, Segment etc. to enable a 360 view of the customer/consumer
  • Filling in characteristics/analytical attributes for Vendor/Finance/HR Master Data domains

The Master Data App can be easily integrated into Master Data System that is used to manage the Master Data and assists the user to create attributes/characteristics without leaving the process.

The Harmonization App helps to harmonize enterprise data with external data using deep learning models. For Example:

  • Harmonizing internal Product codes with external product codes used by Retailers, Syndicated Data source
  • Harmonizing Customer characteristics/hierarchies with internal reporting hierarchies
  • Harmonizing Consumer references across channels

The App can not only be integrated into a process but also offers a standalone UI focused on adoption as an option. This is to enable clients that do not have applications that can be used for this purpose

Both the apps leverages ensemble model for deriving the attributes with better accuracy.

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