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Tailwyndz recognized among top Cognitive solution providers in providing Contextual AI solutions.


Frisco, Texas. May 21, 2021. Tailwyndz, an Artificial Intelligence company, was recently named a top twenty cognitive solution provider for 2020 by enterprise solutions magazine, CIOReview. The publication’s annual review chooses the year’s top cognitive solution providers that transform businesses using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

“Our focus is to ensure the adoption of Artificial Intelligence within the enterprise in order to transform the processes.” said Kapil Khanduja, CEO, Tailwyndz. “Being recognized as a top cognitive solution provider reinforces the need for better adoption of AI/ML. We enable this with the user being in the center of our solutions and presenting AI/ML in the context of the process.”

AI/ML has become an important part of the strategy of every company but yet most companies lag behind in the adoption by end users. Tailwyndz contextual AI approach embeds the AI in the process. Built on their ExpeditAI platform, with open integrations, the AI/ML model outputs can be easily integrated with the Enterprise Systems.

About Tailwyndz

Tailwyndz is focused on developing AI enabled solutions, to provide the tailwind for growth and profitability, for Retailers, Consumer Product organization and manufacturing. It helps in adoption of AI & ML to drive business decision through ContextualAI solution leveraging our ExpeditAI platform. 

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