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ExpeditAI platform is designed to drive user adoption of AI beyond data & analytics.

Tailwyndz ExpeditAI ™ platform is engineered to be flexible to be applied to various processes in the Retail, Consumer Goods and Manufacturing industries. ExpeditAI platform powers our Apps

  • Master Data Management
  • Customer Allocation
  • Consumption Driven Forecasting
  • Trade Promotion Optimization
  • Inventory Allocation

User Experience

Help client with business case, strategy, road map and implementation AI & Automation solutions. Tailwyndz Apps built on ExpeditAI are designed to address the biggest challenge in adoption of AI – “The User”. This is done by

  • Effectively designing AI into the process that the users are executing
  • User remains in control of the transaction
  • User is able to see the leverage AI provides
  • User is shown how the actions by AI are driving them towards their overall goals/KPI’s

Process Integration

ExpeditAI platform enables seamless process integration. While the UI with specific apps provides process integration. ExpeditAI also is built to enable:

  • Application specific bots
  • AI / ML inference driven automation
  • Batch integration with enterprise systems
  • API based integration with enterprise systems
  • Seamless integration with chatbot systems

Data Management

ExpeditAI platform Data management capabilities help with

  • Accelerate the data wrangling capabilities with predefined data pipes for multiple data domains
  • To analyze, prepare, train & test data for AI / ML model consumption both in real time and batch
  • Predefined data pipes for multiple data domains


ExpeditAI platform AI / ML capabilities help with

  • Semantic modeling of the data
  • Document / text analysis using deep learning
  • Scoring & Decision engine
  • Pre-built ML algorithms for Tailwyndz solutions Planning, Master data attribution, data harmonization and forecasting.

Service Based Integration

ExpeditAI platform uses open source components with enterprise readiness to drive adoption

  • Authentication & Authorization
  • Application meta model
  • ExpeditAI engine
  • Single sign on
  • Data Encryption

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