Customer Allocation


Customer Allocation app is built to enable Demand planners to leverage AI and make the right decisions driving Growth, Profitability or other goals of the Company. The app is built on the foundation of ExpeditAI and leverages the foundational apps master data and forecast.

The app user interface is designed to take into consideration the interaction between the planners and the AI engine. It was specifically built to enhance the adoption by the planners.

Customer Allocation app leverages the past & current decision data to determine the best decisions for the stated objectives of the planners. The AI Engine has been fine tuned to learn from the data and choose and apply the best possible combinations to ensure that the output is as accurate as possible.

The key objectives of the app:

  • Reduced touch planning
  • Continuous Self-learning from the revised decisions of the Planners
  • Simulate the impact for objective
  • KPI driven business decisions

The planning app helps planner to configure the level of planning by customer & product. The app can be seamless co-exist with SAP Integrated business Planning (IBP) to enhance decision process across demand, supply and inventory planning.

We are in the process of getting Planning app certified by SAP

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